Thursday, 30 July 2009

Indietracks Festival

Our show last Thursday at Jamm was pretty hard to top - we played with the excellent Northern Portrait, Standard Fare and Moustache of Insanity and had the most fun doing so, but as ever the Indietracks Festival was the most well spent weekend any pop group could ever dream of. There's plenty of photos and video on the internet already, but we've picked out a nice one of us doing 'Fleeting Moments' to show you:

And there's two more videos here:
Falling Leaves at Indietracks
Cross The Line at Indietracks

We've got a few more shows coming up, then we're having a bit of a rest, so catch us while you can!

Friday 14th August
Twee As F**k @ tbc, London
With Half Sisters, Noughts and Crosses Band, and Scraps

Friday 21st August
P!O!P Kombinat Berlin @ NBI, Berlin
With The Gresham Flyers

Saturday 26th September
A Fog Of Ideas @ Hand and Heart Gallery, Nottingham
With Horowitz, Of Mice And Mental Arithmetic and Half My Heart Beats DJs

We're also going into the studio next week to record a very special song for an exciting covers project - more of which at a later date!

See you soon!

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