Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Flight Paths: our debut album

We're very excited to say that our debut album, Flight Paths, is available from How Does It Feel To Be Loved?. The official release date will be in July, but the label is posting out advance CD copies now. You can order a CD from: www.howdoesitfeel.co.uk/shop.html

One of the songs, Fleeting Moments, is available to download for free from here.

All the artwork was designed by our friend Kris, who, among other things, writes the fantastic Heaven Is Above Your Head blog.

The album was recorded over five days at Soup Studio, which is located under a ukelele shop near Brick Lane in London. It was recorded by Simon Trought, who has also recorded albums by The Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman and loads of other bands that we love. We're really pleased the album is coming out in the spring, as it feels like a springtime album. As you can imagine, we were really excited to be recording these songs in the studio, and we hope this comes across on the record.

We picked mostly new songs for the album, some of which you might recognise from our last few gigs. There's also a couple of our favourites which stretch back to when we first started out as a band.

The full tracklisting is:

1. Footsteps
2. Fleeting Moments
3. Camera Angles
4. The Outskirts Of Town
5. Cross The Line
6. Skating On Thin Ice
7. Sweetness And Light
8. I'm Not Going Out
9. Every Good Time We Ever Had
10. Paper Aeroplanes
11. All We Do Is Rush Around

We had a fantastic time recording it, and we're really looking forward to playing these songs at gigs over the next few months. We really hope you enjoy the album and the free download!

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