Sunday, 19 April 2009

Footsteps: our new single

We'll be releasing Footsteps as a single on 15 June!

The song's taken from our new album, Flight Paths, which comes out in July. The artwork for the single was designed by our Emma, and the photo was provided by Sonja from Sauerkrautdesign

To celebrate, we're going to be playing two pretty special gigs in London towards the end of April:

Saturday 25 April - The Luminaire

With Butcher Boy + Cats on Fire
A return to possibly our favourite London venue, and a chance to play alongside two of our How Does It Feel To Be Loved? labelmates. Butcher Boy have been receiving some rave reviews for their new album 'React Or Die' and this is a rare opportunity to see them play live.

To find out more and pick up tickets, please visit: HDIF Presents

Tuesday 28 April - The 100 Club
With Darren Hayman And The Secondary Modern + Poppy And Friends
And a couple of days after the Luminaire, we'll be onstage at the 100 Club, possibly the most prestigious venue we've appeared at so far. And we've been fans of Darren Hayman and Hefner since forever, so we're really pleased to be playing alongside him. Apparently this will be his last gig in London for a little while, and he'll be playing some Hefner songs along with his new Secondary Modern ones.

Here’s a link with more details: Pocketbooks at the 100 Club


In other news, we now have a Pocketbooks Twitter. Come and join us!

And... our song Summertime is appearing on a limited edition compilation put together by A Layer Of Chips. It’s very cheap and there’s some ace bands on there, so you’ll need to be quick!

Hopefully see you at one of the London shows!

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